Wallcovings -  historic ( installations & restorations), museum, scenics, custom artist murals, digital graphics, stand offs, high end, fabric, residential, small commercial, self stick, custom engineered installs Decorative - Venetian and decorative plasters,faux bois(wood graining), faux marbles, trompe l’oeil, furniture and cabinetry finishes, wall and mill work glazes, gilding, floor designs, custom mural.
Wallcoverings,wallpaper historic, wallpaper installations, wallpaper restorations, museum, wallpaper scenics, custom artist murals, digital graphics, stand offs, high end wallpaper , fabric wallpaper, residential wallpaper, small commercial wallpaper, self stick wallpaper, custom engineered wallpaper installs, decorative wallpaper, venetian wallpaper, decorative plasters,faux bois, wood graining, faux marbles, trompe l’oeil, furniture and cabinetry finishes, wall glazes, mill work glazes, gilding, floor designs, custom murals
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Wallcovering Installations

Residential – We can install any wallcovering you desire for your home. From American & European wallpapers, fabrics, grasscloths, silks, other natural fiber materials, and any other wallcovering you select. Whichever surface you desire, whether it is walls ,ceilings, or even furniture! we can discuss your choices and advise you in what is or isn’t a good option for your space. From President George Washington’s home to the neighbor next door no job is to small, large, or as important as the home we’re working in.


Historic – Whether your looking to have a historic installation or restoration done in your private home, museum home, or museum we can assist in any installation. Having worked in 3 presidents homes, local museums, and private installations of antique papers around the country we are ready to travel and help with what you need. If your a private home owner, interior designer, architect, or curator we can handle any installation or restoration.


Scenics – If you are looking to have a scenic installation we can handle all of those as well. From Zuber, Gracie, DeGournay, Fromental, Paul Montgomery, or any other of the great scenic wallpaper companies around the world. From measuring the space for a custom scenic to reconfiguring an antique scenic to fit the space we can help.


Digital Graphics – We also offer the installation of digitally printed graphics from businesses, offices, universities, and even private homes. we can also assist in stand off lettering and other materials associated with a graphic


Custom installations – If you have an artist custom painted wallcovering, unique idea, or something out of normal thoughts of wallcovering we are ready for it. Problem solving and creativity is what we thrive on. If you have any ideas for a unique wallcovering installation we are ready to help make that vision come to life.

Decorative Painting

Faux bois – One of our favorite finishes to create is making to look of real wood come to life. From walnut to mahogany we can create the look of wood you want in the places you want them. Even matching existing woods to make non wood objects blend away we can do it.


Marbles – Another favorite finish to create. And just like the faux bois above we can make the marble you like be the the places you want it.


Decorative(Venetian Plaster) – A great look thats been around for hundreds of years. There are many plaster companies out there creating a large variety of looks, and we can help you find the right one. Firenzecolor plaster is the company we are most familiar with and they have a great website to help you pick the plaster look you want and we can help you find that look thats just right for you.


Glazes – If you arelooking for lightly glazed cabinets or furniture or that heavy distressed aged look we can do that also. Cabinetry, trim and mill work, furniture, walls, ceilings, any any other surface you may want glazed. From one glaze coat to multiple layers all the way to the final clear coat of your desired sheen we can provide it for you.


Other Finishes and Services – Gilding, floor designs, stencils, and a variety of finishes are possible upon request. Painting, drywall repair, wallpaper removal, and small carpentry are also available is certain circumstances.