Wallcovings -  historic ( installations & restorations), museum, scenics, custom artist murals, digital graphics, stand offs, high end, fabric, residential, small commercial, self stick, custom engineered installs Decorative - Venetian and decorative plasters,faux bois(wood graining), faux marbles, trompe l’oeil, furniture and cabinetry finishes, wall and mill work glazes, gilding, floor designs, custom mural.
Wallcoverings,wallpaper historic, wallpaper installations, wallpaper restorations, museum, wallpaper scenics, custom artist murals, digital graphics, stand offs, high end wallpaper , fabric wallpaper, residential wallpaper, small commercial wallpaper, self stick wallpaper, custom engineered wallpaper installs, decorative wallpaper, venetian wallpaper, decorative plasters,faux bois, wood graining, faux marbles, trompe l’oeil, furniture and cabinetry finishes, wall glazes, mill work glazes, gilding, floor designs, custom murals
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Jeff Ragland started out in 1996 as a summertime helper for H.J. Holtz & Son.


He was fortunate enough to learn from some of the best craftsman in the residential field of painting and work for one of the best companies in Virginia over the past 22 plus years.


After a year of work for H.J. Holtz and Son, Jef started learning the wallcovering trade from one of the best paperhangers in the Richmond area, Richard Humlan. Also during those years, Jeff continued painting from time to time, and also was sent to take a small variety of decorative painting classes.


With much respect and thankfulness, Jeff credits his career to Rick Holtz and his father Dick Holtz, who without these opportunities would never had been a possibility. He was fortunate to be part of HJ Holtz & Son for so many years and grow with them. While working for HJ Holtz & Son they won multiple PDCA and WIA national awards . It has been a great honor to be part of those awards and to be respected from other great professionals in his field while gaining the trust and respect of interior designers and clients to execute their vision.


Jeff’s skillset is constantly put to the test when working for some of the areas best interior designers. It increases his ability to gain more knowledge and experience in the wallcoverings and decorative painting trades.


Jeff has attended various Wallcovering Installers Association (WIA) conventions (including an international workshop in Oxford, England) over the past 10 years. So far, he has had the opportunity to work in 13 different states with some of the best installers throughout the country.


Over the past couple years, Jeff had the privilege to work with and learn from Jim Yates and his brother Frank of Historic Wallpaper Specialties.  Working on great homes such as Mount Vernon, Monticello, and Montpellier among others.


Jeff looks forward to continually doing the highest quality craftsmanship on every job Ill be fortunate enough to receive, and strive to continually make your job one that last beautifully for many years to come.